Dom Giordano Show: Andy McCarthy, Dr. Robert Pearl & Lou Gaul | May 19

9:00-Driver in Times Square strikes pedestrians.

9:05-What would it take for Trump supporter to bail on the President? 

9:35-Bill O’Reilly’s eulogy to Roger Ailes.

9:40-NBC smears Ailes even after his death.

10:00-National Review’s Andy McCarthy joined discussing the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counselor to investigate possible Russian collusion.

10:20-Dr. Robert Pearl joined discussing his latest book ‘Mistreated.”

10:35-Lou Gaul takes us to the movies.

10:45-Sound of the week.

11:00-President Trump set to meet with Pope Francis.

11:25-Senator McConnell suggested Judge Garland for the FBI Director position. 

11:35-Game of the week.

11:45-Former Vice President Joe Biden is getting an ice cream named after him. 

via 215Today.


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