Pa. House Panel Advances Roosevelt Boulevard Speed Camera Bill

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — A bill that would allow the city of Philadelphia to place speed enforcement cameras along Roosevelt Boulevard has cleared its first hurdle in the state House.

Philadelphia Republican John Taylor, sponsor of the bill, says it would allow for a five-year pilot program of automated speed enforcement on Roosevelt Boulevard.

“It’s also enabling legislation,” Taylor said. “Meaning that it is not actionable, or will not be enacted upon, until the City Council of Philadelphia does so.”

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The House Transportation Committee, of which Taylor is chairman, approved the bill Wednesday.

Taylor says the legislation does not specify how many speed enforcement devices would be placed on the Boulevard, saying that would be up to the city to decide. But he notes that existing red light cameras can be modified to catch speeders, as well.

Taylor insists the bill is not about revenue but is about increasing safety on an artery that represents less than a half-percent of Philadelphia’s roadways, but accounted for 13-percent of traffic fatalities over a five-year period.

via 215Today.


1 thought on “Pa. House Panel Advances Roosevelt Boulevard Speed Camera Bill”

  1. Are these the same speed cameras that an Ohio judge called a scam, back in 2013? So we will have low speed limits, ticket barely over them, and maybe a slew of errors? More crashes too, perhaps?

    Check out the National Motorists Association

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