Steph Curry: ‘Low Key, I’ve Always Wanted To Be Like Allen Iverson’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Stephen Curry was just trying to impersonate Allen Iverson.

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Curry started Game 1 of the NBA Finals wearing an arm sleeve, something that Iverson made popular during his playing days. Curry, however, was struggling with the sleeve and took it off during the game.


Curry was much better without the sleeve and the Warriors took Game 1, easily, 113-91. The two-time MVP Warriors guard finished with 28 points, 10 assists, and six boards, three steals, and just two turnovers on 11-22 shooting.

After the game, Curry was asked about the sleeve.


“Low key, I’ve always wanted to be like Allen Iverson. That was the only way that I could really come close, but it just wasn’t feeling right, just kind of a split decision, just whatever. Success, reason, it don’t really matter. Just keep playing.”

Ironically, the 94WIP Carlin & Reese Show started a Curry vs. Iverson debate before the game on Thursday.


The question created instant debate. Of course, Philadelphia is a bit biased.

via 215Today.


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