The Dom Giordano Show: Bill O’Reilly, Senator Pat Toomey, and Marcus Hayes | June 7

9:00-MIke Schmidt says the Phillies won’t be able to build around Odubel Herrera because of the language barrier.

9:35-Lisa Thompson Eisler joined discussing a lunch shaming situation at Camden County Schools.

10:00-Bars opening early for viewing parties of the James Comey testimony.

10:05-Are we reading the NSA leaks the wrong way?

10:10-Neil Cavuto slams President Trump.

10:25-Comey won’t reveal any “obstructions of justice” by President Trump during his testimony.

10:35-Bill O’Reilly joined discussing his latest book “Legends & Lies:The Civil War.”

10:45-Senator Pat Toomey joined discussing the Paris Climate Accords, Director James Comey’s testimony tomorrow and the health care debate.

11:00-Who do you still trust in the news?

11:20-Is racism a major factor in the ratings drop for ‘The Bachelorette.” 

11:35-Daily News’ Marcus Hayes joined discussing the controversy surrounding Mike Schmidt.

via 215Today.


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