Arrest Made After Fireworks Cause Bucks County Blaze, Police Say

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—Police in Bucks County say they have made an arrest after legal fireworks sent a home up in flames last week.

It happened on June 3 around midnight in the 500 block of Stevens Road in Morrisville.

Lisa Nollie was home with her dog when she heard several blasts.

“I heard the fireworks and then I said wait a minute then I seen this big orange flame,” Nollie recounted.

Within moments, the house and cars in the driveway were burning. Nollie called her husband and raced upstairs to rescue her elderly dog

“Then my neighbor shot into the house and he grabbed me and grabbed the dog and we got out,” Nollie said.

That heroic gesture is now overshadowed by the investigation into what caused the fire.

Authorities: Teens Using Fireworks May Have Caused Bucks County Blaze

Like Nollie, witnesses describe hearing fireworks going off moments before the fire was discovered around the same time another one was lit on a porch of neighboring home, authorities say.

“They were terrorized by them. Basically fireworks and placing them on their porch and letting them go off and then they run,” said Nollie.

Kelly Johnson says a couple of weeks ago a firework landed in her yard.

“It was shot off, hit a roof, so you don’t think anything of it…but now you hear this down the street and that is unfortunate,” she says.

On Thursday, police tell CBS3 that they made an arrest in the case.

Investigators add that the fire was started using legal fireworks from Pennsylvania.

A press conference is scheduled for Friday to announce more details on the arrest.

via 215Today.


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