Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Hit The Trail

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s the time of year when outdoor getaway seekers hit the trail. A pair of interconnecting trails are tops.

Whether you want to bike, trek, meander on horseback, even canoe and kayak, look no further than the interconnecting Schuylkill River and Perkiomen trails. Bike from Philly to Reading or take branches to Valley Forge. Or as many cyclists do, go north along the Perkiomen Creek.

“If you go toward Green Lane, it’s a great place for lunch,” said one cyclist.

Once there, you can fish the reservoir and streams, even find a place to camp. Then there are multi-mode trail travelers who park their bikes at Port Providence near Phoenixville, rent a canoe or kayak for an hour or two on the Schuylkill Canal and river.

“You see lots of wildlife along the river,” said one kayaker, “lots of greenery.”

Free downloadable maps are available for both trails. Then just go where the whim takes you.


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via 215Today.


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