North Philly Pet Shelter Offering Free Adoptions

PHILDELPHIA (CBS) — A city animal shelter facility in North Philadelphia is at capacity. ACCT Philly is offering free dog and cat adoptions in an effort to save as many lives as possible.

The kennels at Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia, or ACCT Philly, are full, with about 100 dogs, as well as about 100 cats, all up for adoption.

ACCT Philly is an open intake shelter, so even if they don’t have space it has to to accept incoming pets.

“And that means we may have to put pets down,” said Ame Dorminy with ACCT Philly. “But we can avoid that if we move pets out quickly, and we ask people if they do need to surrender a pet, to wait if at all possible. We understand that some people can not wait, but if they can hold off even just a week or maybe try to place the pet with a friend or a family or re-home the pet through any other means, that’s going to help us save lives.”

Adoption fees are being waved now through Sunday. More information at

via 215Today.


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