Historic Strawberry Mansion Hosts 9th Annual Strawberry Festival

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Historic Strawberry Mansion in Fairmount Park held its 9th Annual Strawberry Festival on Saturday.

Visitors were able to pick strawberries right off the plant and pop them in their mouths, if they wished.

So how do they taste?

“Good,” said 6-year-old Nicole Moore.

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She was looking for the red ones because she quickly found what they taste like when not ripe.

“Sour,” she said.

And there were demonstrations on bee keeping. There are 10 honey bee colonies on Strawberry Mansion grounds.

Phil Forsyth is executive director of the Philadelphia Orchard Project, the nonprofit that plants and supports community orchards at 57 sites throughout the city.

“We love bee keeping with orchards. It’s a natural companion,” Forsyth said. “The bees of course pollinate the fruit trees. Without insects, bees wouldn’t get any fruit.”

The festival goers were tasting honey and taking tours of the historic mansion.

via 215Today.


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