Local Kid Hopes To Be Like Millville’s Own Mike Trout

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Millville senior Buddy Kennedy had a fantastic final season.

The third baseman hit .493 and is on the verge of his dream, getting drafted by a major league team.

He said he’s been waiting for this moment since he was five.

“It will be shocking, breathtaking,” Kennedy said. “I’ve worked since I’ve been 5 years old to get to this point in my career, and get a professional team to call me and say, ‘You know we’re going to pick you.’

“It’s honestly going to be– I’ll have no words to describe it. I might be sitting there–Just wow.”

Baseball is in Buddy’s blood, his grandfather, Don Money was a four-time All Star who spent five years with the Phillies and 16 years in the majors.

But it’s another Millville native who has helped inspire and mentor Kennedy, Mike Trout.

“These past couple years of my life he’s been there through it all,” Kennedy said.

“If I have any questions baseball or anything he’s always there to help me. Honestly, just watching him play makes me want to play even harder and even better.”

Kennedy is ranked in the top 100 high school players by Baseball America.

He doesn’t seem to care what team picks him, although he’s had workouts with Trout’s Angels and his favorite team the Phillies.

Kennedy says he wants his play to inspire others, just like Mike Trout inspired him.

“Hopefully I play a long career in baseball and I just want people to say you know, look up to him, remember that name, work like him and you can be like him one day,” he said.

via 215Today.


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