Study: Food Tastes Better, People Eat More When Alone

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  A party of five may be four too many people when it comes to enjoying a meal, according to a new study published in Physiology & Behavior.

The study finds that watching yourself eat in the mirror produces almost the same effect as eating in a group. You also have a more satisfying meal when seeing your own reflection.

Who knew?

Researchers at Nagoya University, located in Japan, conducted their experiment by having participants eat popcorn in front of the mirror. The 28 participants were men and women between the ages of 65 and 74 because the researchers said this demographic tends to eat alone.

According to the study, the participants were also in good health, without any prior eating disorders or allergies that may effect the experiment.

The findings suggested popcorn tasted better to the group and they consumed more of it when in front of a mirror, rather than eating in front of a wall.

It even gets deeper as we go down the rabbit hole.

Participants given a photograph of themselves eating also had more satisfying meals and ate more.

You might be thinking, this is just an older people thing. And you would be wrong.

Researchers conducted the same experiment with a participants between the ages of 20 and 23…and they got the same results.

So, the next time you’re hungry and need someone to share a meal with you, best take a look in the mirror.

via 215Today.


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