Former Mayor John Street Has Portrait Unveiled In City Hall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A memorable night for a former Philadelphia mayor.

It was a long time coming for John Street, his portrait at City Hall finally unveiled.

“It’s a very special time for me,” said Street.

Joining Street for this honor were his family and members of his administration.

“I’m a little overwhelmed by all this. But I knew one day we were going to have to do this. We only waited ten years!” Street said.


On hand were past mayors like Ed Rendell.

“He helped us shape policy, but even when we were doing things he wasn’t sure were right, he knew they were central to the things we needed to accomplish,” Rendell said.

And Wilson Goode.

street2 Former Mayor John Street Has Portrait Unveiled In City Hall

Former Mayor John Street seated with former and current Philly Mayors from throughout the years. (credit: Andrew Kramer)

“Here is someone who worked hard while in City Council, who worked hard as mayor, and who literally made this city better,” said Goode.

As well as current Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who calls Street a mentor.

“In the midst of big things that are going on, I will get a text from Mayor Street giving me a little bit of advice and pushing one way or the other, and I really admire the fact he cares about the success of this administration,” Kenney said.

Street says, as mayor, he had one goal in mind: “It was all about making life better for people in our city.”

Street’s son Sharif, Senator of the state’s 3rd district, got very emotional when introducing his father.

“I’m standing here as a son inspired by the work I saw my father do. Dad I love you, you’re the greatest,” he said,

He says his father proved you can’t fight City Hall, but you can take it over.

“I’m proud, he’s my dad,” Sharif said.

via 215Today.


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