City Council Announces New Regulatory Reform Committee

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia City Council held a news conference on Friday to announce the members to a newly created Committee on Regulatory Reform.

The group is charged with making it easier to do business in Philadelphia by streamlining city regulations. But, the event came at an awkward time.

Council created the committee as a peace-offering to the business community, after a falling out over a wage equity bill opposed by the Chamber of Commerce.

But the Chamber escalated the dispute, this week, filing an amended lawsuit against the city.

Still, Council President Darrell Clarke stood with Chamber president Rob Wonderling to promote the work of the Committee to root out outdated, unnecessary regulations.

“When we bang the gavel to start our September session, I guarantee that we’ll have something on the books that we will repeal,” said Clarke.

Clarke says he doesn’t take the lawsuit personally. Wonderling praised that spirit, but did not back down from calling the city anti-business.

“We have our disagreements on public policy issues, but this is one issue we’re in full agreement on,” Wonderling said.

The committee includes business leaders and members of council.

via 215Today.


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