PPA Offers City Residents Parking 101 Course

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Ever park your car on the street Philadelphia only to ask yourself “is this a legal spot?” Well the Philadelphia Parking Authority held a class Saturday aimed at guiding city residents in those situations.

Getting parking violations is avoidable says Clarena Tolson with the PPA who was also one of Saturday’s instructors for the Parking 101 class.

“We want to help people understand how to park in Philadelphia safely, securely and properly,” she said.

Driving instructors helped with the properly part, teaching residents outside how to parallel park. As for the safely and securely, advice on sign reading was given.

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“First pay attention to the color of a sign,” Tolson said. “Also pay attention to the days of the week that may be impacted and the hours as well of the direction of the arrows that are on the sign.”

Other lessons were..

“How to find free parking, how to set a reminder when your parking limit is going to end and also when there’s a two hour parking restriction, how to go from one block to the next.”

Tolson says their hope is to help people learn the rules so they don’t have to hand out parking tickets.

via 215Today.


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