‘I Probably Would’ve Convicted’: Alternate Juror Breaks Silence About Cosby Trial

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A man who says he was an alternate juror in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial is having his say. He spoke Monday to WDVE, the radio station that broadcasts the Pittsburgh Steelers games.

As one of six alternates, Mike McCloskey was in the courtroom for the trial, but didn’t deliberate with the 12 jurors. Despite that, he remained sequestered in Montgomery County.

“Over a week of trial deliberations, I had to go through this,” he said, “and I literally couldn’t talk about it.”

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McCloskey says he felt “ridiculously sick” when he found out the jury couldn’t reach a verdict.

“I probably would’ve convicted,” he said, “based on the evidence I heard.”

He says he’d expected the jurors to break their silence on the bus ride back to Pittsburgh.

“Nobody wanted to talk about it,” McCluskey said. “There was complete silence. It was craziest, eeriest bus ride I’ve ever taken.”

via 215Today.


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