Severe Weather Warning Montgomery County

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dorothea Davis drove through heavy rain and wind gusts as she left work in Paoli on Monday afternoon.

“The main roads into Lancaster, flooding really bad. Waters like pouring like crazy,” Davis said. “I’m getting off work early so I can beat this storm because they said something about hail. I don’t need that in my life right now.”

But Daniel McBrearty wasn’t so lucky.

He got caught in the downpour as he walked from the Paoli Train Station.

“My socks are wet now because of all of the puddles. But other than that it’s kind of like a shower,” he said.

Meantime in Devon, trees fell onto roadways and a power pole split into pieces, bringing power lines down with it.

“When I came home, I saw a fire truck and thought, ‘Oh God, I hope no one got hit walking because we all walk in the neighborhood,” neighbor Tish Lanahan said.

Lanahan says her home and others in the neighborhood lost power as a result.

Local public safety departments remind neighbors to call their electric providers –not police — to report power outages.

via 215Today.


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