Sen. Casey Releases Report Stating GOP Health Care Bill Affects Opioid Crisis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania Democratic Senator Bob Casey released a report Tuesday morning on the Opioid Crisis and how a Republican health care bill would affect it.

Senator Casey, joined by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, released the report.

Casey says an $834 billion cut over a 10-year period to Medicaid expansion for example, means many who need treatment would be left behind.

“It’s really an insult to all the families across the country who are so relieved that their loved ones are now in treatment or recovery thanks to Medicaid expansion,” he said.

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Casey says less help and coverage for those dealing with addiction would hurt law enforcement.

Ken Strish is Police Chief of Berwick, which is east of Bloomsburg.

“The drug arrests in Berwick have doubled and tripled annually over the last five years,” said Strish. “Drug addiction and drug related crime is an absolute scourge on our community.”

Casey was critical of GOP lawmakers who are crafting the health care bill behind closed doors.

“I don’t even know where the room is,” he said. “Maybe we can hire a private investigator to find the room.”

via 215Today.


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