NJ Attorney Files Complaint Over Gov. Chris Christie ‘Beachgate’

NEW JERSEY (CBS) –– A North Jersey attorney has filed a complaint with the State Ethics Commission over Governor Chris Christie and what is now being labeled “Beachgate.”

Christie Lounges With Family On Beach At Park He Shut Down 

Attorney Mario Blanch says he filed the ethics complaint as a private citizen. The action came after the Governor went to Island Beach State Park, with his family, when the beach was officially closed to the public because of the budget impasse. Blanch explains that violated the state ethics code.

“The message that it sends to the rest of the state is that the citizens of New Jersey are garbage and the governor is omnipotent. And it’s outrageous. Being the governor of any state, even being the president of the United States, doesn’t give you any special powers over the citizens,” he said.

Christie Mocked In Sand Sculpture On Jersey Shore Beach 

Blanch says the governor’s arrogance was too much for him to take. The Ethics Commission will now investigate and take whatever actions it deems necessary.

Blanch is hoping other citizens will step up and file similar ethical complaints against Christie.

via 215Today.


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