Pipeline Drilling Creating Issues With Well Water In Chester County

WEST WHITELAND, Pa. (CBS)–Some residents in Chester County are dealing with brown water flowing into their homes, and some have lost their well water completely.

They blame an oil pipeline Sunoco is digging beneath their properties.  David Mano showed CBS3 brown and cloudy water coming from his well.


“You couldn’t see anything through it,” Mano said, holding a jar of the water.  “They should have contacted us two weeks ago when they knew they poked a hole in the well.”

Mano said after neighbors began complaining earlier this week, Sunoco began offering bottled water and hotel rooms.

West Whiteland’s city manager described the company as “responsive” once managers were aware of the issues.  She said Sunoco is being encouraged to pay to hook up everyone to city water following this situation.


A spokesman for Sunoco said the company is investigating and testing local well water.  He also said the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection was notified.  CBS3 saw private contractors for Sunoco working with neighbors Friday.

Some like Debbie Cindric, who spent a night in a hotel room, defended the company.

“They’re doing the best they can with the situation,” she said.

Others remain skeptical.  Mano is sending his well water out for private testing because he feels Sunoco is not being upfront about the situation.

via 215Today.


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