The Dom Giordano Show: Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Burns Davison & Jake Tapper | July 10

9:00-Philadelphia police investigating a noose placed around Rittenhouse Square.

9:20-President Trump thinking of the idea to form a cyber security partnership with Russia. 

9:50-Embarrassed by President Trump’s behavior abroad? 

10:00-Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, joined discussing Pennsylvania’s fight against the opioid epidemic.

10:35-Burns Davison, Rule & Compliance Chair of South Carolina Youth Soccer Association, joined discussing the new rule to keep parents quiet during games.

11:00-Jake Tapper of CNN joined discussing the news of the day.

11:20-Ron Brownstein, “[The White House] has given up on the idea of speaking to a broader Country.”

11:35-Teen suspended from job for buying a brownie for a police officer.

via 215Today.


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