West Goshen Files Injunction To Stop Drilling On Controversial Pipeline

WEST GOSHEN, Pa. (CBS)–Township leaders in Chester County are demanding Sunoco to stop work on its controversial natural gas liquids pipeline.

“Pursuit to the settlement agreement there wasn’t going to be any above ground facilities expect for their existing station,” said David Brooman, an attorney for West Goshen.

Brooman said the construction of a pipeline valve station near the intersection of Greenhill Road and Boot Road is a violation on the part of Sunoco.

Pipeline Drilling Creating Issues With Well Water In Chester County

Sunoco has clashed with local communities off and on since the planning process for the project.

Last week, neighbors in West Whiteland blamed the company for brown water, and in some cases no water flowing into their homes.  They also said Sunoco did not tell people about the problems in a timely manner.


Two months ago in Delaware County, 500 gallons of lubricant used for drilling the pipeline leaked into a local creek.

All the issues have caused some state lawmakers to call for a complete shutdown of pipeline construction until there’s more oversight.

Recently in West Goshen, an additional concern is that construction workers have blocked Goshen Fire Department trucks and firefighters from easily accessing their garage.  However, a deputy fire chief for the Goshen Fire Department said that issue had been mainly resolved.

A spokesman for Sunoco wrote in a brief statement that the company is “in compliance” with all its obligations to the township and community.


via 215Today.


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