Sunoco Addresses Potentially Tainted Well Water Concerns Over Pipeline

WEST WHITELAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — As construction continues on a pipeline across Pennsylvania that has caused problems in some communities, it appears one in Chester County has addressed potentially tainted well water concerns.

Work on the Mariner East 2 pipeline has caused well water in some two dozen West Whiteland Township homes to either stop flowing or become discolored.

West Goshen Files Injunction To Stop Drilling On Controversial Pipeline

Sunoco has been providing short-term help to those affected, and has now come up with a long-term plan, according to township Manager Mimi Gleason.

“They’ve verbally agreed to connect them to Aqua’s public water system at Sunoco’s expense,” said Gleason.

How long that might take is up in the air, but Gleason says tests suggest the well water has not been tainted and there are no concerns with the municipal water system.

In a statement, Sunoco says temporary hookups are being put in place and permanent ones will come as soon as homes can be connected to existing water mains.

via 215Today.


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