City Councilwoman, Constituents Face Down Bulldozer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia City Councilwoman Cherelle Parker and several of her constituents stopped a bulldozer on Thursday to keep it from demolishing a house in Mt. Airy.

The house at 8200 Rodney Street is a graceful little bungalow with the field stone exterior that gives so much Philadelphia housing stock its distinctive beauty.

So when neighbors heard a suburban developer, who bought the house for less than $200,000 dollars at sheriff’s sale, was planning to replace it with four vinyl-sided units:

“A vinyl exterior in the midst of a community that are all brick and stone,” said Councilwoman Parker.

Councilwoman Parker says she tried negotiating with the developer, James Cardano, to no avail, so she joined her constituents in blocking the street when the bulldozer arrived Thursday morning.

“The action was the recourse of a community that had no other options,” Parker said.

The bulldozer stood down when word came that there was a problem with the demolition permit and it was halted for 21 days, during which the developer may refile.

Parker says she’ll continue to try to negotiate. Cardano was not available for comment.

via 215Today.


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