Philadelphians Try To Keep Cool At The Pool

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s the thick of summer, and people are dealing with the stifling weather any way they can.

Sometimes, it can be fun.

The record setting heat is sending some folks indoors to huddle under the air conditioning, but for others the hot sun and humidity is the perfect recipe for a cool day at the pool.

“I’m really enjoying the pool and how much fun I’m having with all my friends, and I learned how to swim a lot better here,” said one pool-goer at the Francisville Community Pool in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.

There, people can kick back in lounge chairs, enjoy the palm trees, lay under the umbrellas, or catch a spay mist at one of their cooling stations.

“I feel good, because I get to swim with all my friends and have a lot of fun and not be in the heat all this time.”

Dozens of people packed into the free pool, which offers swim lessons, free swim, family swim, adult swim, and even a yoga swim time.

As they played at the pool, many of the kids made sure they put on their sunblock, stayed hydrated, and followed the rules so they can continue their summer fun.

via 215Today.


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