Civil Suit Filed Against Millville Officials In Alleged 2015 Incident

MILLVILLE, NJ (CBS) — A million dollar lawsuit has been filed against the city of Millville, its police chief, and an officer indicted in an unrelated matter.

The suit filed in federal court stems from a traffic stop two years ago involving officer Jeffrey Proffit and one Kenneth Harden.

Attorney Conrad Benedetto represents Harden, who claims he was beaten and tried to run, only to stop when Proffit allegedly pulled out his gun.

“Officer Proffit thereupon apprehended him and again started to get physical with him,” Benedetto told KYW Newsradio, “and went to the extent of trying to force his weapon into the mouth of my client.”

Benedetto won’t say if his client was charged with anything, and prosecutors in Cumberland County did not respond to our calls about the matter.

Proffit was indicted last February for an incident in April of 2016 in which he allegedly beat a suspect inside the Millville police station, and is currently on suspension.

via 215Today.


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