Man Fighting To Keep Pet Pot-Bellied Pig After Neighbor Complains To City

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (CBS) — A man in Michigan is fighting to keep his pet pot-bellied pig.

Joshua Garcia of Kalamazoo adopted “Bacon” about a year ago.

The 100-pound pig is house broken and litter trained.

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However, a neighbor didn’t approved and reported Bacon to authorities.

It turned out Garcia didn’t have the required permit.

“Bacon is family. If we would have to get rid of him, I know it’s only been a year, but he’s been there. He’s just Bacon,” said Garcia.

Faced with losing Bacon, Garcia took action as he applied for a special permit.

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Kalamazoo commissioners will hear his case this week.

The city’s vice mayor is supporting Garcia keeping Bacon.

via 215Today.


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